At Eclipse Comm, our lights and thinking caps are always on. We strive on fresh ideas and there is always a fresh trick up our sleeves. Eclipse is a full fledge advertising (ATL) and design agency with 10 years of experience and an extensive design portfolio under our belt.

Our expertise range from conceptualisation to the most menial detail of proofreading. We create ads and design brochures. We whip up content and fit in images so that you can communicate a better message to the world out there.

We create event concepts and design, and tailor agendas and activities that make you proud, right to every detail, from the very beginning to last bits.

Our services include:
• Advertising • Graphic Design • Events • Printing • Premiums • Acrylic Design • Photography • Copywriting • Illustration • Translation •

Whatever you want done:
ATL: • TV Commercial • Radio Commercial • Corporate Video • Newspaper Ad •
BTL: • Catalogue Design • Point-of-sale Materials • Leaflets/Packaging •
Events: • Booth concept • Activities • Entertainment • Fabrication • Public Relations • Press Invitation •
Social Media: • Facebook updates • Boost post •

For us at Eclipse, it is about you shadowing the competition.

It is about building brands...

Our portfolio of past and present clients: